martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

Principio y Fin

Esto fue como empezó nuestra historia, tu primera carta:

a real nice sunday with you ...‏

Firstly, you have to go in " YouTube " and to listen Kate Nash (song: "Birds") because i wrote this lines in listening this song ...

I am writing you, because i am thinking of you since last nignt ( sunday ): in fact, i miss you when you are not close to me.

You are so sweet with me, you touch me everytime and i like that, your skin is sweet, i adore your perfum. I like to have my head in your hands.

I was so good in sleeping close to you sunday morning. When is the next time ?... You are like a best friend, a mother and a girlfriend (without kisses), you are all that in the same time, and it's so good...

I wanted to say you what i am feeling about you since yesterday. Today is going so long without you for me ...


Y este el final, mi última carta:

How many words in all these months… We always liked writing and reading each other, I still keep some of your words although I know u can’t keep mine. I have to say the picture was a bit disappointing, I felt it empty of meaning, u didn’t express feelings or something, just some words in a picture… but is long time ago u don’t speak about how or what u feel, and u don’t answer me when I try to speak about that, don’t worry, I understand…

When we met u asked me about “my story”, I told u I didn’t have any story, but now I have, u gave me a great “love story”.

Last months I had loads of thoughts and feelings, some of them nice, some of them made me feel horrible. I heard some things not very good about this story, but like before, I never minded what people said about u (anyway I have to say they made some noise in my mind).

There’s not too much to say without making u feel bad, sad, or angry with me. I just wish u the best of luck, I really hope, from heart, everything will be fine for u (and --- if she’s the person who u want to share all your life with) in Australia or wherever u go, and just ask u don’t forget me, because I will remember u forever ever…

With tears in my eyes and pain in my heart I tell u goodbye my French love, but I will always have the happiness of having met u…

“Estos serán los besos por los que mida los demás el resto de vida…”

Te quiero

PS: i add some songs, was another important factor in the story, these songs made me remember u, sometimes good things, other times not really good, but anyway, all of them with nice lyrics and important meanings…

I don’t wait u keep the letter, I know u will have to hidden or trough, but don’t worry, it’s fine, for me it’s enough if u read it.

JAMES BLUNT "Goodbye My Lover"
JAMES BLUNT “You're Beautiful"
Bryan Adams “Everything I Do, I Do It For You”
Coldplay “Fix you”
Josh Kelley “Just Say The Word”
Kate Nash "Birds"
Avril Lavigne "When You're Gone"
Basshunter “Now you're gone”
Abba “The winner takes it all”
Shakira "No"
“Cúrame este amor”


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