lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Forever Never

“Forever” and “Never” doesn’t exist

I will always love you
I will never forget you
You will be always special for me
I will never hurt you
You will be my friend forever
I will never leave you

You can always count on me
I will never be far of you
… those were empty words.

You didn’t loved me
You forgot about me as soon as u couldn’t have me anymore
You just told me I was special cause I wanted to hear it
You broke my heart loads of times
I didnt want to be your friend, I wanted more…
When I needed u, u were just too coward
You moved the other side of the world, you could be farer from me…

But I thought I could never forgive you
That I would always need you
That I could never forget you
That I would always love you….

And I realize now, that I don’t mind you anymore
That I replaced you more than once
That it doesn’t hurt me anymore thinking of you
And that u were a part of my life that I left behind…


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